Stars and Stripes Joke

Why did the patriotic American zebra go to space?

He was a fan of stars and stripes!


Referee and Zebra

Why did the zebra dislike sporting events?

He was tired of being compared to the referee.


  • Referees are often called zebras because they wear stripes.


  • One of the most annoying things in the world to Zebra Humor is calling referees zebras since the quest for proper zebra jokes about zebras is littered with stupid referee jokes. If any stripe-wearing people are called “zebras” it should be old timey convicts because they are simply more rad than referees. Don’t believe it? Take a look at these gents below and try to say they look like less fun than referees. Referee zebra jokes are not zebra jokes…. Except this one… but only because there is a real zebra in it.

    They are almost as fun as real zebras!

Juggalo Zebra Joke

Why was the zebra cop drinking Faygo?

To go undercover as a juggalo.


Juggalos are known for their black and white make-up and drinking Faygo.

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What is black and white and bouncy all over?


What is black and white and bouncy all over? A zebra on a trampoline!