Coloring Joke



Why don’t zebras like to color?

They like to stay between the lions!

Submitted by Oscar Fink


Purple Zebra Joke

What is black and white and purple all over?

A zebra that got trampled by the stampede.

Submitted by MooMcGee

This joke is an unofficial follow up to this joke.

The Cheap Circus

A very (very) cheap circus owner was trying to add some new acts to his ‘Oddities of the World’ exhibit. He had the world’s tallest dwarf (a 6′ tall man), a man-eating chicken (a guy with a bucket of fried chicken) and his star attraction : The world’s only stripe-less Zebra! The crowd held their breathe in anticipation until he walked a white horse into the center ring! (Ba dum bum <cymbal crash>)

Submitted by Terry Tidwell