Zebra Humor is dedicated to bringing hopelessly hilarious zebra jokes to the masses. Zebra jokes have remained in the shadows for too long. Zebra Humor aims to bring these jokes into the light and give them their time in the sun through the mediums of the written work, pictures, and video!

Zebra Humor has quickly become the top one-stop shop for zebra jokes!

Zebra Humor showcases all zebra jokes from the typical “What is black and white and (insert color here)?” to zebra jokes for a more mature audience.

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  2. Oh, I don’t know much about them… but I love animals and my sense of the Z’s is that they are … um, security driven. At least that’s how they appeared to me at the World Famous SD Zoo–very staunch & still when I came up to their enclosure. Not like the Giraffe’s who actually have bowed to me–this was after I’d stayed while one gave birth. Her name is Helen & this was back in 2007 or so, so she’s full grown. But I gotcha, this site is about the Z-horsies.

    Okay, I gotta good story about seeing the wild ones when I was in Kenya–they were in a loose pack, trotting across the highway sort of. Some of my fellow travelers were compelled to run after them for a few feet; ah, such is the contagious nature of ZeeBrah.

    Love the creator (Ab, you’re included in this) for building interest in the striped horse.

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